Diversity Consultant

Trickle Up
Location of Job: 
15 May 2019
23 May 2019
About the organization: 

Founded in 1979, Trickle Up helps people living in extreme poverty and vulnerability advance their economic and social well-being. It helps women and vulnerable populations start sustainable livelihood activities and join savings groups that give them a safe place to save money, access credit, gain hope and confidence, and become decision-makers in their households and communities. Trickle Up works in partnership with local organizations, global institutions, and governments, focusing on how to scale programs that work.

About the Job: 

Trickle Up is seeking a Diversity Consultant to design and deliver an interactive one-day diversity workshop for core staff (leadership, technical advisors & project officers) in Uganda; the workshop is expected to be delivered in Kamwenge, Uganda. Up to 30 people will attend the workshop. The workshop will focus on diversity awareness, specifically gender dynamics (inclusive of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment), as well other identity markers such as tribe, race, and religion through dialogue across differences and experiential learning. The workshop will highlight group membership and how power dynamics play themselves out in the workplace context, with specific contextualization for international development operating environments. 


The Diversity Consultant will be responsible for ensuring that the outlined deliverables are met. Trickle Up is open to discussing timeline as well as deliverables in more detail and revising pending review and approval of the final proposal. Anticipated deliverables include, contract signing, workplan outlining objectives (methodology, inputs, outputs, timeline), training content (agenda, PPTs, handouts), one-day diversity workshop (in Uganda), and training report.


  • Minimum five years of experience developing and facilitating diversity/inclusion trainings, experience delivering gender-specific trainings a plus.
  • A strong track record of designing and developing materials for diversity and or related workshops including facilitation notes, participant guides, presentation materials, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience facilitating interactive workshops with adult learners around sensitive and controversial topics, such as identity, power dynamics, culture, gender, etc.
  • Proven capacity to communicate and work effectively with different groups of people.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • A proven understanding and experience with refugee and non-governmental organization (NGO) operating environments is strongly desirable.
  • English language fluency required; fluency in a local language(s) spoken in Uganda will be an asset.
How to Apply: 

Interested candidates are requested to apply online with the following: 

  • Resume (maximum 3 pages).
  • Cover letter (maximum 1 page) - applicants should emphasize demonstrable success against the required (and desired) competencies.
  • A 1-2 page workshop outline of content covered and approximate budget.