Program Associate

Program Associates (PAs) help accelerate myAgro's growth in every department. From June to August myAgro is looking to recruit 30 new Program Associates across several different departments.

As a PA, you will gain a variety of experience designing and scaling high impact programs that work across financial inclusion, agricultural development and mobile technology. Reporting to a Program Manager and working with teams across the organization, you will be part of a group that helps myAgro reach its ambitious goals in West Africa.

Placements Available:

  • Agriculture: Conduct research and trials on the products and services myAgro can offer to help farmers maximize their yields.
  • Program Design: Design, iterate and improve myAgro's model to serve smallholder farmers both by designing a more cost-efficient and higher impact program model.
  • Logistics + Procurement: Support the purchase, transport and delivery of inputs to our farmer network each season, finding ways to improve the process.
  • Sales Operations: Build the tools and systems that help myAgro grow to new regions and villages.
  • Communications: Improve internal and external communications processes to share farmer stories and educate the public about our work.
  • Leadership Development: Develop professional performance plans, training and tools to support the leadership development of new and middle managers to take on increasing responsibilities to support myAgro's future growth.
  • Human Resources: help make myAgro a great place to work, supporting employees through onboarding, development and exit.

In the application form, you will be able to indicate which teams you are most interested in joining and why.

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