2007 MIX Global 100: Rankings of Microfinance Institutions

Date Published: 
Dec 2007

Presenting composite ranking of the top 100 MFIs for 2007

This survey highlights the performance of leading MFIs globally. It includes a range of service providers, from banks and other regulated financial institutions, to non profits and community owned cooperatives. The survey offers a snapshot of MFI results, identifying leading performers in each of seven categories within outreach, scale, profitability, efficiency, productivity, and portfolio quality. 2007’s rankings of efficiency also use a new measure to minimize the influence of loan size and neutralize differences across country environments in ranking MFI transaction costs. It also includes the first ever composite ranking of MFI performance, in order to highlight institutions that achieve high outreach and low transaction costs while being both profitable and transparent. The survey includes 820 institutions. Findings include:

  • Top ranked MFIs nearly doubled in size in a year;
  • Banks and other regulated providers led the charge in deposit mobilization;
  • India led the rankings with more than 14 MFIs in the MIX Global 100: Composite;
  • All leading MFIs boasted of strong credit risk management, which underpinned top performance in other areas of the ranking;
  • No MFI managed to achieve top ranks in all areas of performance.