Digital Financial Services in Nigeria: State of the Market Report 2017

Date Published: 
Dec 2017
Olayinka David-West, Olubanjo Adetunji, Olawale Ajai, Timothy Aluko, Olalekan David, Nkemdilim Iheanachor, Ikechukwu Kelikume, Omotayo Muritala, Ijeoma Nwagwu, Victor Okhuese, Adedoyin Salami, Ibukun Taiwo & Immanuel Umukoro

Addressing legislation, policies and regulations constraining financial inclusion

The themes presented in this year's State of the Market Report expand the discussion of financial inclusion in Nigeria beyond the core ecosystem and provide insights into the institutional frameworks required. The report addresses the third ecosystem pillar – the institutional and regulatory component, with specific focus on the legislation, policies and regulations. The policy analysis unearths critical policy constraints plaguing players and consumers. 

This report focuses on material financial inclusion issues, guiding laws and solution proposals. The report does not contain legislative bills but forms a premise for the drafting of new laws, policies and regulations. Finally, the report suggests that these market-enabling policies or solutions for creating an ecosystem for delivering digital financial services (DFS) to the unbanked require the cooperation and collaboration of public institutions, the private sector and civil society.