Engaging HR Leaders in Digital Learning: A Market Scan

Date Published: 
Jan 2019
Jessica Stewart
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Identifying market gaps for digital learning services which meet the needs of HR professionals

Effective strategic human resources (HR) enable financial service providers to implement the culture, systems and behaviors to deliver their strategic objectives, including those around financial inclusion. Institutions committed to working in financial inclusion have specific HR requirements relating to culture, behaviors and reward, and staff retention, which may present particular challenges for HR professionals.  

This study applies a market-based approach to understanding the availability of digital services to support HR professional development and the potential role of Gateway Academy. This approach identifies and analyzes:

  • Demand for continuous professional development (CPD) services by individuals and the institutions within which they work.
  • Supply of digital learning services, be they academic qualifications, professional certification or other CPD activities.
  • Information flows around the needs, value and availability of services to enable effective purchasing decisions for digital learning to be made at the individual and institutional level.
  • Regulatory environments impacting the HR profession in target countries.