Gateway Guide to Digital Finance

Date Published: 
Nov 2016

This month, explore the Gateway's resources on digital financial services

Community meeting. Girl on cellphone. Aurangabad, India. Photo credit: Simone D. McCourtie / World BankDigital finance represents a growing pathway towards financial inclusion that has the potential to reach more people, at a lower cost, and with greater convenience than traditional “brick and mortar” banking services. Different devices and channels, such as mobile phones, cards, point-of-sale devices, and networks of small-scale agents, allow financial service providers to reach more customers more easily. The range of institutions providing financial services has widened accordingly: mobile network operators, governments, and financial institutions, ranging from large commercial banks to microfinance institutions, have all begun to leverage the potential of digital financial services.

This month, the Microfinance Gateway has focused on digital finance with two high-profile interviews:

Now we bring you this Gateway Guide, with resources providing a global overview of the current state of digital finance for financial inclusion, as well as practical tools for the implementation of digital financial services. We invite you to review these most recent publications, as well as browse all the other 248 resources under our Mobile Banking topic.


1. Digital Financial Services and Risk Management Handbook
Comprehensive guide to the risks associated with implementation of digital financial services
Sep 2015, International Finance Corporation (IFC), The MasterCard Foundation

2. An Introduction to Digital Credit: Resources to Plan a Deployment
A self-directed course for practitioners, regulators and others with an interest in digital credit
Jun 2015, CGAP

3. Guide to the Use of Digital Financial Services in Agriculture
Tool for identifying chronic value chain challenges and corresponding solutions
Feb 2014, USAID, FHI 360


1. Research and Impacts of Digital Financial Services
Paving the way towards a new generation of products, policies, and strategies for financial services
Sep 2016, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

2. Digital Finance for All: Powering Inclusive Growth in Emerging Economies
Quantifying the potential economic and social impact of digital finance
Sep 2016, McKinsey & Company

3. The Proliferation of Digital Credit Deployments
Overview of fast-evolving environment of digital credit and its impact on financial inclusion
Mar 2016, CGAP

4. 2015 State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money
Tracking the growth of digital financial services
Feb 2016, GSMA


1. OTC: A Digital Stepping Stone or a Dead End Path?
Looking at the pros and cons of the over-the-counter model in mobile money account adoption
Jul 2016, MicroSave

2. A Quantum Leap Over High Hurdles to Financial Inclusion: The Mobile Banking Revolution in Kenya
Examining the real impact of technological and business model innovations on poverty reduction
Jun 2016, The SWIFT Institute

3. Are Mobile Money Wallets Really Customer-Centric?
Findings from a survey of customer experiences in rural and urban India
May 2016, MicroSave

4. The Potential of Using Digital Financial Services for Savings Groups in Bangladesh
Insights for the development and efficient delivery of group savings products
Feb 2016, FHI 360, USAID