Gateway Guide to Risk Management

Date Published: 
Aug 2015

Highlighting noteworthy publications and resources on Risk Management

Risk management is essential to ensuring the sustainability and efficacy of any microfinance institution. Yet, many organizations do not fully appreciate the risks they face or the strategies that can help mitigate them. Successful financial organizations must create systems, policies, and procedures for managing the financial and non-financial risks associated with their activities. The Microfinance Gateway has an extensive collection of material on risk management, including our own Resource Guide and Fundamentals.

In this Gateway Guide we have collected recent and relevant publications and materials for you to better understand and manage the risks facing your organization.


Doing Digital Finance Right: The Case for Stronger Mitigation of Customer Risks
Jun 2015, CGAP
Analyzing risks faced by consumers while using digital financial services

Default Risk in Agricultural Lending: The Effects of Commodity Price Volatility and Climate
Sep 2014, Inter-American Development Bank
Managing risk associated with agricultural activities

Over-Indebtedness: A Risk Management Approach
Apr 2014, The Partnership for Responsible Financial Inclusion
Studying over-indebtedness to minimize risk for MFIs


Digital Financial Services Risk Assessment for Microfinance Institutions: A Pocket Guide
Sep 2014, Digital Financial Services Working Group (DFSWG)
Providing risk mitigation strategies to MFIs interested in delivering digital financial services


Guarantee Funds: A Response to Agricultural Credit Risk – The Latin American Guarantee Fund
Apr 2015, SOS Faim Belgium
Assessing the performance of FOGAL, a Latin American guarantee fund

Emerging Risks to Consumer Protection in Branchless Banking: Key Findings from Colombia Case Study
Dec 2014, CGAP
Protecting users and mitigating risks in the use of mobile financial services in Colombia

Additional resources

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