Measuring Market Development

Date Published: 
Oct 2017
Spaven, P. & Nielsen, K. B.

A handbook for funders and implementers of financial inclusion programs

This Handbook guides funders and their implementing partners on how to effectively measure results of financial inclusion programs that apply a systemic approach. It is intended primarily for measurement specialists who design and manage measurement systems for financial inclusion programs, oversee a portfolio of programs, or advise programs on how to measure results. The Handbook includes a self-assessment tool—a practical instrument for benchmarking and identifying areas for improvement. It does not provide step-by-step instructions but rather offers models and practices that can be easily adapted to the diverse settings in which financial inclusion funders and implementing agencies operate.

Together with CGAP’s Funder Guidelines, this Handbook will enable funders and implementers to better understand how change happens and how to play effective, catalytic roles in building inclusive financial systems that advance affordable, high-quality financial services for poor and underserved people.