The Microfinance and Self-employment Environment for the Socially Excluded: Country Report Sweden

Date Published: 
Jan 2005
Siewertsen, H., Evers, J., Forster, S. & Inge

An assessment of Sweden as an appropriate context for self-employment and microenterprises

This report presents a summary of Sweden's economic data and then assesses the country as an ideal environment for microfinance and self employment against a set of six criteria, assigning for each a rating between 0 and 5. Criteria and corresponding ratings are:

  • Entrepreneurial context (3.0);
  • Policy for micro-enterprises (2.5);
  • Welfare bridge (2.0);
  • Legal framework for microfinance providers (2.0);
  • Financial bridge for the socially excluded (1.5);
  • Funding for microcredit providers (1.5).

The paper concludes that Sweden is exemplar for other European countries in supporting policy measures with a uniform small-business environment in terms of entrepreneurial context, legal framework, tax system and co-operation between the different systems.As per the authors, what Sweden can improve in, compared to other European countries, is creating a constructive debate between the financial, employment and social systems on microcredit and on the role to be played by banks, savings banks, welfare and employment institutions.