Rural Finance: Insights From Three Continents

Case study
Date Published: 
May 2016
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Sharing experiences on sustainable rural finance in Morocco, Nicaragua and Bangladesh

In recent years, an enormous growth in global agricultural markets has led to a renewed interest and innovative developments in this domain. What are these developments? What experiences exist throughout the world? And what can we learn from them in order to support a more sustainable rural and agricultural finance?

The present issue of Passerelles tries to shed some light on these issues, with the following articles:

  • Recent trends in agricultural finance: New approaches to address and overcome main barriers and challenges. Massimo Pera (FAO) provides a global perspective and points out the need to adopt a value chain approach to rural and agricultural finance.
  • Saving drops of water and nurturing life: Financing arboriculture projects and irrigation systems in rural Morocco. Juana Ramirez from ADA speaks about agricultural modernization in Morocco.
  • Planting the seeds of inclusion: An alternative pathway for coffee production. A group of researchers from Nitlapan and the IOB describe the coffee value chain in Nicaragua.
  • Friendship: A firm spot in the shifting sands of Bangladesh. Marina Abboud from ADA examines the experience of the Friendship NGO in Bangladesh.
  • Entrepreneurial success, social capital and microfinance. Luminita Postelnicu and Niels Hermes explain how social capital facilitates the access to finance and fosters entrepreneurship.
Case study