Top 10 Most Popular Publications of 2015

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Dec 2015

The most-read publications from 2015 in our Library. What were your favorites?

As 2015 comes to a close we look back at the most popular publications that were added to the Library this year. The range of topics and diversity of publication types that the Gateway community enjoyed are notable - from mobile financial services to rural and agricultural finance. Two toolkits were found to be particularly popular with our readers. The Microfinance Gateway's own Gateway Guides, which gather the latest and most useful publications about select topics, appear several times in the list as well.

Have a favorite publication that didn't make it on the list? Let us know on Twitter with the hashtag #MFGfaves.

1. Alternative Delivery Channels and Technology
Mar 2015, International Finance Corporation (IFC), The MasterCard Foundation, Software Group

This toolkit helps financial service providers increase their technical understanding of alternative delivery channel (ADC) platforms and provides technical guidance on how to approach ADC projects.
Topics: Market Research and Product Development, Technology

2. State of the Industry 2014: Mobile Financial Services for the Unbanked
Mar 2015, GSMA

This report provides mobile financial services practitioners with insights into the important developments taking place in mobile money, mobile insurance, mobile savings, and mobile credit.
Topics: Market Assessments, Mobile Banking

3. The Gateway Guide to Risk Management
Aug 2015, Microfinance Gateway

This Gateway Guide collects recent and relevant publications and materials for better understanding and managing risks to the sustainability and efficacy of microfinance institutions.
Topic: Risk Management

4. The Gateway Guide to Consumer Protection
Feb 2015, Microfinance Gateway

Highlighting noteworthy publications on best practices, documented effects, and ramifications of consumer protection for inclusive financial service providers.
Topics: Consumer Protection, Responsible Finance

5. Microfinance for Water and Sanitation: How One Small Loan Makes a Difference
Nov 2015, Microfinance Gateway

A presentation of new evidence on the impact of financing for household water and sanitation facilities from the World Bank Water Global Practice’s Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) and
Topic: Microfinance Plus

6. Climate Change: The Impact and Challenges for Global Agricultural Markets
Jan 2015, Microfinance Gateway

An interview with Shaun Ferris, Director of Agriculture and Livelihoods at Catholic Relief Services, on the impact of global climate change on rural and agricultural markets around the world.
Topic: Rural and Agricultural Finance

7. The Universal Standards for Social Performance Management: Implementation Guide
Mar 2015, Social Performance Task Force

A toolkit to assist financial service providers in assessing their social performance using appropriate indicators and benchmarks.
Topic: Social Performance Management

8. Reaching the Poorest at Scale
Apr 2015, Microfinance Gateway

Updates from CGAP-Ford Foundation pilot initiatives on the Graduation into Sustainable Livelihoods Approach, as well as highlights from governments and organizations taking the Graduation Approach to scale.
Topic: Graduation into Sustainable Livelihoods

9. Expanding Access to Finance Through Mobile Payments: Lessons Learned for MFI-Mobile Network Operator Partnerships
Jun 2015, FINCA International, The MasterCard Foundation

This case study shares lessons from FINCA Tanzania’s partnership with Vodacom, providing valuable information for MFIs seeking to create partnerships with mobile network operators to introduce digital finance for their customers.
Topics: Mobile Banking, Remittances and Payments

10. The Gateway Guide to Savings Groups
Jun 2015, Microfinance Gateway

A compilation of resources on the creation, management, and impact of Savings Groups.
Topic: Savings and Deposits

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