Top Ten Publications in the First Half of 2016

Date Published: 
Jul 2016

Presenting the Gateway's top picks for key papers, case studies and toolkits so far this year

The Microfinance Gateway hosts an online library of over 8,000 publications on key topics in microfinance and financial inclusion that come from our community of practitioners around the world. Here we have compiled a list of some of the most highly recommended publications that have been added to the library in the first half of the year.

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1. My Turn to Speak: Voices of Microfinance Clients in Benin, Pakistan, Peru and Georgia 
Feb 2016, The Smart Campaign

This synthesis report (and its related four individual country reports - Benin, Pakistan, Peru, Georgia) presents the voices of low-income individuals who shared their opinions, hopes, and struggles, as part of the Smart Campaign's Client Voices Project. This project aimed to test the assumptions behind the client protection principles, asking clients which aspects of their relationship with MFIs were most worrisome. 
Topic: Consumer Protection

2. Responses to the Refugee Crisis: Financial Education and the Long-term Integration of Refugees and Migrants 
Feb 2016, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The current inflow of refugees to Europe is unprecedented in terms of the number of people involved and is creating significant challenges for asylum systems and integration policies in host countries. This brief looks at how financial education can contribute to longer term policies aimed at facilitating the integration of refugees.
Topics: Disasters and ConflictFinancial EducationPolicy

3. Policy Frameworks to Support Women's Financial Inclusion
Mar 2016, Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI)Women's World Banking

This study (and its related case studies on Tanzania and Nigeria) looks at the efforts of policymakers and central bankers in different countries who are fine-tuning an enabling environment for the financial inclusion of women. Evidence has shown that policy measures to increase financial inclusion need to be country-specific, based on each country’s gender gap and unique challenges and opportunities. The policies featured in this paper are examples of promising policy solutions to advancing financial inclusion for women. 
Topics: Gender and EmpowermentPolicy

4. Estirando el Gasto ("Stretching the Budget"): Findings from the Mexico Financial Diaries
Mar 2016, Bankable Frontier Associates

This report (and its two related reports on credit and remittances) presents key findings from the Mexico Financial Diaries project, which tracked 185 households over the course of 14 months from November 2013 to January 2015. The project aimed to shed light on how low-income Mexican families manage their money and the unique constraints they face. The report provides financial service providers and policymakers with key takeaways to improve the well-being of low-income Mexican households. 
Topics: Informal FinanceMarket Research and Product Development

5. Microfinance Credit and Operational Risk Management Tool Guides
Apr 2016, Accion

These tool guides were developed by Accion to explain key operational and credit risk management tools to mid-to-senior level managers of FSPs who are not directly in charge of risk management but who are responsible to manage the risks within their respective departments and units. The tool guides use clear and practical language to explain what each tool is, why it’s important, and the potential impact on bottom line results. 
Topic: Risk Management

6.  A Change in Behavior: Innovations in Financial Capability
Apr 2016, Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion

This report highlights a trend still in its early stages that ties financial capability interventions more closely to actual customer behavior, especially at critical decision-making moments, and particularly when signing up for and using financial products. It presents lessons from a wide range of innovative interventions on financial education, and six recommendations for change.
Topics: Financial EducationMarket Research and Product Development

7. Customer Experience Playbook
Mar 2016, CGAP, Janalakshmi

This Playbook aims to help FSP staff serving poor customers to implement customer experience improvements and ultimately influence their organizations to build a culture of customer-centric innovation.
Topics: Market Research and Product Development

8. Payment Aspects of Financial Inclusion
Apr 2016, Bank for International SettlementsWorld Bank

This report provides an analysis of the payment aspects of financial inclusion, on the basis of which it sets out seven guiding principles designed to assist countries that seek to advance financial inclusion in their markets through payments. 
Topic: Remittances and Payments

9. The State of Microinsurance: The Insider's Guide to Understanding the Sector
Jun 2016, Microinsurance Network

This second edition of the Microinsurance Network's annual magazine presents the insights and views of 22 experts in the field with regards to innovative developments in the microinsurance industry. The magazine covers a wide variety of topics and issues, from examples of successful distribution channels to index-based livestock insurance, as well as lessons learned supporting regulatory change in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Topic: Microinsurance

10. Smallholder Diaries: Building the Evidence Base with Farming Families in Mozambique, Tanzania, and Pakistan
Feb 2016, CGAP

For the Smallholder Diaries project, researchers interviewed 270 total families in Mozambique, Pakistan, and Tanzania every two weeks for an entire calendar year, tracking their income, expenses, and agricultural production. The result was approximately 500,000 data points, combined with rich personal stories, about the challenges these families face - related to agriculture, finance, and other areas of life such as health and education. The publication includes the full report, executive summary, and an Interactive Data Visualization
Topic: Rural and Agricultural Finance

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