Advans Serves 1 Million Clients and Hits EUR 1 Billion Loan Portfolio

This week the Advans Group hit two major targets for 2019: it now serves 1 million clients and has a total loan portfolio of EUR 1 billion. This important milestone reflects the growing impact of the group’s nine subsidiaries in terms of financial inclusion and confirms Advans’ commitment to providing small businesses and other underserved populations with responsible financial services.

Advans believes that supporting entrepreneurs with tailored loans, savings and other financial solutions is crucial to boosting long lasting economic and social development in its countries of operation. This achievement demonstrates Advans’ dedication to understanding customer’s financial needs and helping lift the barriers they may be facing in developing their business or supporting their family. One of Advans’ key objectives for the coming years is to continue innovating in order to improve clients’ experience, notably implementing an omni-channel strategy and a high-touch high-tech approach so that clients can access Advans’ services where and when they need.

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