Announcing the Call for Learning Space Concepts at #SEEP2020

#SEEP2020 is as an opportunity to diverge from traditional request for session proposals to a more experimental, participatory, and flexible model. 

SEEP is rewriting the rules for how Learning Spaces (previously peer learning sessions) go from conception to delivery, through an iterative process that relies heavily on collaboration and co-creation.

Open to all SEEP members, the Call for Learning Spaces asks you to reflect on the conference theme, Disruptive Collaboration: navigating a radically uncertain world and technical streams to co-design a program that inspires transformational learning through interactive experiences and hands-on application of innovative concepts to real work.

I'm interested! What's next?

Use the link above to head over to the Annual Conference website where you can plunge into the Call for Learning Space Concepts, get thinking and fill out the submission form.

Submissions are due 31 July, after which selected conveners will be connected with the Conference Experience Committee to develop a more in-depth plan for their Learning Space concept.

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