Announcing Women's World Banking's New Program, Women in Inclusive Tech Regulation

From August to October 2024, join a program designed to empower the next generation of diverse policymakers, regulators, and supervisors. Delivered by experts from Women’s World Banking, AIR, NYU, and UPenn, this program focuses on cutting-edge technology and closing the gender gap in financial inclusion.

Engage in interactive online classes, team assignments, advisory sessions, and two days of in-person learning. Gain insights from leading speakers, explore the latest technology trends, and build a global network of peers.

Key takeaways include:

  • Strategies for navigating technological advances
  • Knowledge of catalytic technologies in financial services
  • Skills to drive innovation and lead change
  • Access to a global network of women in regulatory technology
  • Mentorship support

This program prepares participants for leadership roles in technology regulation and women's financial inclusion. Apply now!