The BBVA Microfinance Foundation Pandemic Work Engages the Interest of Spain's Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia joined the BBVA Microfinance Foundation (BBVAMF) on a videoconference to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting Latin American micro-enterprises and to learn about the measures the foundation has put in place via its entities in the five countries it operates (Colombia, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Chile, and Panama).

During the meeting, BBVAMF CEO Javier M. Flores outlined the three prongs of the current strategy: first, to safeguard the health of participating entrepreneurs and the 8,500 employees across the different affiliate entities; second, to support vulnerable people and the continuity of economic activity, considered essential in each country; and third, to ensure the sustainability of operations and, in turn, the fulfillment of the Foundation’s social mission: the sustainable development of entrepreneurs who have productive business activities.