Buusaa Gonofaa Microfinance, Muktinath Bikas Bank and RENACA-Bénin Announced as Finalists for European Microfinance Award 2020 on Encouraging Effective & Inclusive Savings

Congratulations to Buusaa Gonofaa Microfinance of Ethiopia, Muktinath Bikas Bank of  Nepal and RENACA-Bénin which have been chosen by the Selection Committee for the  European  Microfinance Award 2020 on “Encouraging Effective & Inclusive Savings” as the three finalists who will go on to compete for the €100,000 prize with the winner to be announced on 19th November.

These three organizations each offer savings products & services that are demand-driven, encourage usage based on a genuine understanding of clients’ needs and behavior, reach under-served populations who need these services the most, and ensure that the savings are accessible, affordable and useful.