Call for Activities - Tipping the Scales: Mobilizing the Network for Unlearning, Learning and Change

SEEP is thrilled to announce its upcoming series, Tipping the Scales: mobilizing the network for unlearning, learning and change. Over the course of March, SEEP will gather to disrupt current power dynamics in the global development sector. Through a series of introspective dialogues, peer learning, and change-generating activities, the aim is to tip the scales for transformative change, not from the top-down, but from the inside out.

SEEP's global practitioner community is ready to ask much-needed, uncomfortable questions with introspection and humility. They are ready to contribute collectively towards deconstructing, reimagining and forging development that is truly equitable and sustainable. Through mobilizing its network for honest reckoning, and by centering diverse voices in the discussion, they can collectively tip the scales for transformative change.

SEEP Associate members and organizational members are invited to submit concepts for activities.

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