The European Fund for Southeast Europe Releases Annual Impact Report

The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) has published its annual Impact Report this week, highlighting the fund’s achievements in providing a wide range of support for micro and small enterprises in Southeast Europe and the European Eastern Neighborhood Region.

In Cultivating Entrepreneurship, the major impact investment fund showcases its comprehensive approach to promoting economic development and prosperity by focusing on the regions’ engines for income and employment generation: micro and small enterprises. Through sustainable financing and tailored nonfinancial services, the fund aims to support local business growth while promoting the development of a regulatory and infrastructure environment that fosters entrepreneurial success and secures future economic prospects. From the fund’s foundation to the end of 2018, EFSE’s investments had unleashed a total of more than EUR 7 billion in sub-loans to small businesses and private households, while the EFSE Development Facility had approved a cumulative 425 technical assistance projects.