Flash Money App Launches to Boost Financial Inclusion in Congo

Congo-based fintech Flash has launched a payment tool including a Visa card offering, Flash Money, for the Congolese market.

Sub-Saharan Africa, a large part of the continent, shows a low level of financial inclusion, in particular, only 6% of the population in the Democratic Republic of Congo use banking services. However, in this era of globalization, with the advent of e-commerce, mainly paid remotely, some financial institutions provide innovative solutions in order to integrate as many people as possible into the financial circuit. One of the new instruments used to facilitate this financial inclusion is the FLASH MONEY/VISA prepaid card.

Flash is one of the first financial companies in Congo to launch on the market its own Visa card “FLASH MONEY”. Unlike other bank cards, the prepaid card FLASH MONEY becomes a real tool for financial inclusion of people with both high and low incomes, as it does not require a preliminary bank account, but only works with a direct deposit to the card.