Grameen America Launches Economic Relief and Recovery Fund for Low-Income, Women Small Business Owners in the Wake of COVID-19

Nonprofit microfinance organization Grameen America this week announced that it has launched the Grameen America Economic Relief and Recovery Fund, with the goal of raising $72 million to provide essential capital and support to the low-income women entrepreneurs the organization serves.

“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, low-income communities will continue to be inordinately affected by the financial implications of this crisis,” said Andrea Jung, Grameen America’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Grameen America is at the frontline of poverty alleviation in the United States, providing loan capital, training and support to low-income women entrepreneurs to start or expand their small businesses. The Grameen America Economic Relief and Recovery Fund will play a vital role in the recovery of our members’ businesses by providing essential capital and support during this unprecedented time of need.”