Payrail Agency Partners With Mercy Corps to Revolutionize Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

Angala Fintech, a financial technology company, has integrated an all-in-one digital financial channel that is inclusive while enjoying equality of opportunities and access to timely financial products and services. 

With this launch in Adamawa state and with an ongoing collaboration with Mercy Corps, Payrail Agency- a Branchless Next-door Banking App built for everyone at every literacy level and enabling multiple type transactions- hopes to offer a bouquet of services which include agency banking, funds transfer, savings, payment gateways/collections, loans, insurtech (insurance bundles), and new technologies to solve diverse business needs and challenges of small holder farmers. All these services will be run through by Agents and Super Agents who have been tasked with the goal of making financial services reach a large number of people, particularly people living in the rural areas, semi-urban centers- the unbanked and under banked segments of the urban population. 

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