Request for Partnership Proposal - CGAP Partner Search: Building on the Success of Gateway Academy

CGAP is seeking a partner who will benefit from the assets of Gateway Academy, take on its current work, build upon its success and create greater impact. We are seeking a partner who has the experience and creative insight necessary to further develop an innovative business model for Gateway Academy. A viable and innovative business model could include bringing Gateway Academy into an existing entity to grow independently; merging it into an existing entity; or an alternative approach. Proposed models should describe how it would deepen the Gateway Academy marketplace concepts and further the impact that has been made.

Interested organizations shall send their response to Annexes B (BASIC QUALIFICATION CRITERIA) and C (DETAILED RESPONSE TO THE RFP), of this document as per instructions attached.  Responses will be accepted by WBG/CGAP on or before 31 January 2020 by 5:00 pm EST. The submittals must be delivered to:

Subject: "Organization name, CGAP Gateway Academy Partner Search"

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