Speakers Announced for the 10th ICT4D Conference

Attending the 10th ICT4D Conference in Lusaka, taking place May 8-10, is one of the most effective ways to learn and network. Here is a first selection of this year’s speakers, including inspiring leaders and expert practitioners: 

  • Enrica Porcari, Chief Information Officer and Director of Technology at the World Food Programme, and Chair of the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster, takes you through WFP’s digitalization journey and how their achievements in digital innovation and collaboration are addressing the humanitarian-development divide.
  • Lauren Woodman, CEO at NetHope, talks about digital transformation in humanitarian response with the session “If You Knew Better, Would You Do Better?” underlining the power of technology to revolutionize humanitarian assistance and development.
  • Dr. Anastasia Mirzoyants, a globally recognized expert in digital financial services with Kenya’s Well Told Story, discusses consumer archetypes and tailored experiences: What makes consumers tick, tag along and stick around.
  • Anuraj Shankar, Senior Research Scientist at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, presents evidence of impact of how the Open Smart Registration Platform can be enhanced with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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