Take Part in e-MFP’s Financial Inclusion Compass Survey; Now Open Until 7 June

The Financial Inclusion Compass has, since its launch in 2018, grown to be one of the most important ways of taking the "pulse" of the sector, giving practitioners, investors, donors, academics and support service providers the opportunity to evaluate and describe the importance of various current trends, rate and give opinions on new areas of focus, and provide open-comment qualitative input on the expected (and hoped-for) direction of financial inclusion progress.

This fifth edition of the e-MFP Compass survey continues this, but with iterative improvements to make it more relevant to the feedback from e-MFP members and friends. So this time, there are new trends and priority areas to evaluate, on financial health, strategic responses to climate change, new technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies and machine learning, and food (in)security – among others.

The survey will close at 11:59 pm on Tuesday 7 June.