Top Two Solutions From the COVID-19 Financial Health Challenge

With support from MetLife Foundation through the i3 Program, the UNCDF Financial Innovation Lab (FinLab) launched the COVID-19 Financial Health Challenge, focusing on solutions that can help build and improve financial health and resilience of individuals and small businesses; as well as solutions that directly address the financial health needs of people who are most impacted by the pandemic, including women, youth and the elderly.

Nine teams were selected to take part in a Bootcamp and Innovation Programme to further develop their solutions to improve the financial health of individuals (youth, elderly and women) that are typically excluded from quality financial services. The teams went through a Human-Centred Design (HCD) training, conducted user testing and were guided in their journey by our global network of mentors. This Bootcamp and Innovation Programme allowed the teams to fine-tune and localize their solutions to their respective user groups and target markets.