UNCDF and Its Partners Launch E-learning Modules to Help Fill the Digital and Financial Literacy Gap for Small and Micro Businesses in Bangladesh

A recently conducted study from the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and Visa found substantial gaps in the digital and financial literacy levels of entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. Over 50 percent of small and micro-businesses (SMBs) in the study had poor understanding of how digital and financial services could help their businesses, and financial literacy gaps were even more pronounced for women entrepreneurs. These gender gaps remain despite women-led SMBs’ increasing awareness of the need to be financially literate, plan and actively manage their personal and business finances.

In response to the gaps in digital and financial literacy, UNCDF and Visa have developed basic e-learning modules for SMBs in Bangladesh as part of the Build Back Better – Enhancing Recovery and Resilience of Small and Micro-Businesses project. This initiative aims to improve the digital and financial literacy of entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, particularly women, empowering them to confidently adopt and leverage new digital services that enhance their competitiveness and performance.