Unistream Remittances in Armenia Can Be Received Online

Source: Armbanks

Thanks to Unibank’s UniMobile application, it is already possible to operate and receive Unistream money transfers without leaving home. “During the Covid-19 pandemics, it is especially important to follow the rules set for the quarantine and think not only about the relatives’ health, but also about your self-security. If you want to make a transfer to Armenia, there is no need to leave the house — use Unibank Mobile application. UniMobile app enables to make and receive Unistream remittances online, without visiting service points,” the press office of Unibank reported on Monday.

To make a transfer, choose “Unistream money transfers” function in the app, then choose the country and fill in the recipient’s Name and Surname, the amount and currency of the transfer and the account number you are making a transfer from. The recipient can choose an account at Unibank on which the money will be received. To do that, it’s enough to fill in the information about the transfer: code, amount, currency and recipient’s account number. Then, you will just need to press the “submit” button and the remittance will be made instantly. Everything’s simple, fast and convenient.

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