Visionfund International Raises AUD 20 Million Through Its First Bond in Australia to Help Fund Global Financial Inclusion Initiatives

VisionFund International (VisionFund), the mission-focused microfinance subsidiary of Christian humanitarian organization World Vision, today announces it has raised AUD 20 million with its first bond issue. In alignment with World Vision’s focus on children’s well-being and with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of promoting sustainable economic growth (SDG 8) and gender equality (SDG 5), the proceeds of the bond will be used for providing financial services, mainly microfinance loans, to families living below the poverty line in developing countries. The bond is being arranged by FIIG Securities Limited (FIIG), Australia’s largest fixed income specialist and represents FIIG’s first foray into impact investment.

Offered in Australia to eligible institutional and high net worth investors, the bond is known as a ‘Kangaroo bond’ as it is issued in Australia in Australian dollars by a non-Australian entity.  The five-year bond is unsecured and unsubordinated and offers a fixed rate of five percent per annum, paid semi-annually.