WazInsure: Winner of the DataHack for Financial Inclusion, Season Two

The Kenyan team WazInsure was selected as the overall winner of Season Two of the DataHack4FI Innovation Competition taking place in Kigali in May 2018. The competition links aspiring data scientists, experienced data science mentors and tech start-ups who were challenged to develop a solution to a financial inclusion challenge.

WazInsure developed supervised and unsupervised machine-learning models that analyze both internal and external data sources to predict the likelihood of a boda-boda driver claiming for a high-risk event. The model uses structured internal data from surveys conducted on drivers. The external data used includes unstructured and crowd-sourced data from social media platforms and others. The outputs of the analysis performed allow insurance providers to better assess risk for boda-boda drivers. WazInsure won the solution and was awarded $25,000.