YCASH Door to Door Payment Method as a Response for COVID-19 and Humanitarian Context in Yemen

As the crisis continues in Yemen since February 2015, millions of households continue to rely on humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs. Lack of access to livelihood opportunities and basic services has forced the most vulnerable households to adopt stress- and crisis-level negative coping strategies such as reducing portion sizes and meal frequency, forgoing basic healthcare, spending savings, and taking on debt to acquire critical items, including food. In addition to the conflict, Yemen has encountered more than four cholera attacks, diphtheria and currently COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The humanitarian agencies have been assisting the affected population with emergency assistances since the onset of the conflict through various assistance activities and modalities.

The National Cash Transfer Company (YCASH) piloted the Door to Door Payment method as a response to the new challenging context and a preventive measure for coronavirus-related risks.