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Case study

Providing Microfinance and Social Space to Empower Adolescent Girls: An Evaluation of BRAC's ELA Centres

Examining the usefulness of combining financial and social interventions for adolescent girls

Integrating ARI Prevention with Micro Credit Programme: Experience of BRAC, Bangladesh

Using a microcredit program to raise health awareness

Poverty Impact and Outreach of Microfinance in Bangladesh: Current Knowledge, Practices and Moving Ahead

Identifying opportunities to improve microfinance impact in Bangladesh

Commercial Banks and Microfinance

Meeting financial needs of the poor through commercial banks

Graduating Out of Extreme Poverty: Who Succeeds?

Identifying factors that help microfinance clients graduate out of poverty

‘'And Who Listens to the Poor?' Shocks, Stresses and Safety Nets in India and Pakistan

Assessing the impact of the Targeting the Ultra Poor program in India and Pakistan

Poverty Outreach and BRAC's Microfinance Interventions: Programme Impact and Sustainability

Examining impact of BRAC’'s efforts to reduce poverty in Bangladesh

Resource Booklet CFPR-II Evaluation

Presenting an evaluation framework to measure impact of a poverty reduction program in Bangladesh

Public Policy on Microfinance in South America

Examining impact of public policies on development of microfinance