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Guide / Toolkit

Responsible Treatment of Clients: Practicing Non-discrimination

Providing insight into the difference between client targeting and harmful discrimination

Microfinance - A Risky Business: A Time for Strong Leadership

Evaluating the potential of strong governance in mitigating microfinance risk
Case Study

Hiring Staff With Disabilities at AccessBank, Azerbaijan

Analyzing inclusive hiring practices at AccessBank

Over-Indebtedness of Microborrowers in Ghana

Protecting microfinance clients from over-indebtedness

Implementing Client Protection in Microfinance: The State of the Practice, 2011

Understanding the state of client protection in microfinance industry

Microfinance and Energy Poverty

How can the microfinance sector in Africa increase access to energy?

Opportunities and Obstacles to Financial Inclusion: Survey Report

Identifying opportunities and challenges in financial inclusion

Beyond Codes: The Foundation for Client Protection in Microfinance

Examining practical cases of how consumer protection codes of conduct are implemented

A New Financial Access Frontier: People with Disabilities

Helping people with disabilities access financial services