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Beyond Financial Inclusion: Financial Health as a Global Framework

A model for assessing how well one’s daily financial systems help build resilience
Guide / Toolkit

Compass Principles: Guiding Excellence in Financial Services

Transforming the U.S. financial services marketplace to empower underserved consumers

Making Financial Services Work for Everyone

Proceedings from the "Financial Services for Low-Income Customers", Chicago, United States

Financial Services Trends and Innovations in South Africa: Lessons for the United States

What can the U.S. adopt from the inclusive financial service innovations in South Africa?

Expanding Financial Services to Underbanked Consumers: How Tax Preparation Partnerships Can Help Bridge the Gap

Using income tax preparation as a marketing strategy to bring financial services to the underbanked

Meeting Them Where They Work: The Promise of Financial Services Distribution in the Workplace

What is the potential of providing financial services at the work place?

Marrying Financial Transactions with Asset-Building Opportunities

Building assets of low income families by linking savings and investments to transactional products

Retailers as Financial Services Providers: The Potential and Pitfalls of This Burgeoning Distribution Channel

Analyzing retailers as effective distribution channels of financial services
Case Study

Employer-Based Homeownership Programs

Case Study: Community Empower, Corporate Housing Assistance Program