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Facilitating Market Development to Advance Financial Inclusion

Studying how funders can help build financial markets that work for the poor

Incorporating Consumer Research into Consumer Protection Policy Making

Using consumer experiences to inform financial consumer protection

MIX Microfinance World: Eastern Europe and Central Asia Microfinance Analysis and Benchmarking Report 2010

Understanding the effects of the 2009 economic & financial crises on microfinance

Volume Growth and Valuation Contraction: Global Microfinance Equity Valuation Survey 2012

Examining the landscape of private equity deals and valuation trends

Foreign Capital Investment in Microfinance: Reassessing Financial and Social Returns

Assessing financial and social performance of foreign capital in microfinance

Rural Connectivity Options for Microfinance Institutions

Assessing technology applications for MFIs in rural environments
Case study

Indian Microfinance Goes Public: The SKS Initial Public Offering

Implications of the first Indian MFI to go public