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Microfinance and Automation

An argument in favor of the automation of microfinance operations

Insurance of Crops in Developing Countries

How to effectively develop crop insurance?

A Guide to Gender Sensitive Microfinance

Examining methodologies for integrating gender mainstreaming into microfinance initiatives/programs

Rural Finance without Markets in Ukraine, 1991-2000

Why does Ukraine have a weak financial sector?

Microfinance in Fisheries and Aquaculture - Guidelines and Case Studies

Points to heed before providing microfinance for aquaculture
Case study

Savings Mobilisation to Microfinance: A Historical Perspective on the Zimbabwe Savings Development Movement

Why did the Self-Help Development Foundation shift from savings mobilization to microcredit?

Microfinance Helps Poverty Reduction and Fisheries Management

How to improve provision of suitable financial services for the fishing communities in West Africa