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Financial Inclusion, Growth and Inequality: A Model Application to Colombia

Identifying obstacles to financial inclusion in Colombia

Financial Development and Poverty Alleviation: Issues and Policy Implications for Developing and Transition Countries

What is the interplay between financial development and economic growth?

Microfinance Institutions and Public Policy

What is the appropriate support level, form, and regulation options for microfinance institutions?

Do Rural Banks Matter? Evidence From the Indian Social Banking Experiment

Does state-led credit expansion undermine or promote rural development?

Microfinance in Africa: Experience and Lessons from Selected African Countries

Presentating the development of the microfinance sector in Africa

Microfinance: A View from the Fund

Potential role of International Monetary Fund in microfinance
Case Study

The Macroeconomics of Remittances: The Case of Tajikistan

This paper assesses macroeconomic implications, and characteristics for a small open economy

Financial Sector Reforms and Prospects for Financial Integration in Maghreb Countries

What steps can the “Maghreb” countries take towards financial integration?

What Drives Household Borrowing and Credit Constraints? Evidence from Bosnia & Herzegovina

Examines the determinants of households’ participation in the credit market.'