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The Role of Subsidies in Microfinance: Evidence From the Grameen Bank

Addressing the costs and benefits of subsidization

Moneylenders and Bankers: Price-increasing Subsidies in a Monopolistically Competitive Market

How do subsidies affect lending in rural credit markets?

Group Lending, Local Information and Peer Selection

What risks are involved in credit coalitions?

Outreach, Sustainability and Leverage in Monitored and Peer-Monitored Lending

What problems are there in contract design?

Ethnicity and Credit in African Manufacturing

Why policies that emphasise personal connections and information sharing are needed

Collusion and Group Lending with Adverse Selection

Are group lending contracts collusion proof?

A Little at A Time: The Use of Regularly Scheduled Repayments in Microfinance

Formal microfinance and informal lenders: crowd in or crowd out?

Where Does Microfinance Flourish? Microfinance Institution Performance in Macroeconomic Context

Studying macroeconomic and macroinstitutional features of successful MFIs
Case study

Cooperative Microfinance: A New Option for Government & Development Organizations

Investigating impact of the Cooperative Microfinance Program