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Guide / Toolkit

Guide to Management Information Systems for Microfinance Institutions in Mali

A guide to aid SFDs in selecting systems that manage their microfinance operations

Summary of Workshop Evaluations

Proceedings from "First NIS Policy Forum on Microfinance Regulation and Supervision,"

Marketing in Microfinance Institutions

What are the elements of a successful MFI marketing program?

An Assessment of the Legal, Regulatory, and Institutional Environment of the Microfinance Sector in Mali

How complexities in the law are causing problems for the MFI sector in Mali

Field Assessment Report of the Nigerian Microfinance Industry

Measuring the potential of the Nigerian microfinance sector

Microfinance Institutions Growth Activity (MIGA) Activity Design for USAID/Peru

Helping the poor by helping microfinance institutions

NGO-led Microenterprise Finance Activity Design

Credit support to small enterprises in a transition economy
Case Study

Final Evaluation of the Microenterprise Development Activity

Innovative community based village banks to promote microenterprises