The Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act, 1990 (Kenya)

What are the rules that control the operations of non-governmental organizations in Kenya?
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This document presents the provisions of the Non-Governmental Co-ordination Act of Kenya.

The Act is divided into sections that discuss:

  • The definition of terms that appear in the Act, and their interpretation;
  • The establishment, functions and powers of the Board of Directors, including the composition and the procedure to be followed at meetings;
  • Registration and licensing of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including the various certificates necessary, permits, appeals, privileges and penalties;
  • Self-regulation by NGOs and the code of conduct to be followed;
  • Arrangements to be made during the transition period, including the membership of the interim council;
  • Financial provisions with relation to investments, estimates, accounts and audits;
  • Provisions regarding miscellaneous items like rules, false statements, etc.

The document concludes by presenting the Memorandum of Objects and Reasons that includes:

  • The main objectives of the Bill;
  • The definition of NGOs;
  • The establishment of the Board, its composition and functions;
  • The establishment of the Kenyan National Council of Voluntary Agencies.