Ethiopia: Cooperative Societies Proclamation No. 147/1998

What are the rules that govern a co-operative society in Ethiopia?
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This document presents a comprehensive legislation for the organization and management of co-operative societies. It is divided into the following parts.

Part I:

  • Defines various terms and types of societies;
  • Lists their objectives and describes their guiding principles.

Part II describes the process of formation and registration of co-operative societies, including:

  • Their types;
  • Judicial personality and responsibility;
  • The by-laws that govern societies;
  • The amalgamation and division of societies.

Part III lists the rights and duties of the members of a society, including:

  • The necessary requirements for membership;
  • Reasons for a member to leave/be dismissed from a society;
  • The payment of shares;
  • Voting rights;
  • Transfer of share or benefit.

Part IV describes the powers and duties of the management bodies of the society that include:

  • The general assembly;
  • The management committee;
  • The control committee.

The remaining parts discuss:

  • Special privileges of a society;
  • Assets and funds of societies;
  • Rules for audit and inspection of societies;
  • Procedure to be followed for the dissolution of societies;
  • Settlement of disputes;
  • Miscellaneous provisions.