The Role of Microfinance for Income and Consumption Smoothing

Can Microfinance help smoothen cashflows for households?
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This paper seeks to assess the role of microfinance for income and consumption smoothing by the poor. It provides a conceptual framework distinguishes between credit, savings and insurance services, and identifies two principal pathways through which access to financial services can enhance income and smooth consumption:

  • Enhancement of the capital base for future income generation for smoothing anticipated income;
  • Actions that can be taken in the event of transitory income shocks so as to smooth disposable income, thereby smoothening consumption.

The author also discusses:

  • Expected change in demand for financial services with increasing level of poverty and risk exposure of the household or individual;
  • Types of risks faced by households;
  • Potential areas for product innovation by the microfinance sector to address risks and shocks in income-flows.

The paper concludes with policy recommendations for the design and implementation of microfinance schemes that respond to:

  • Income and accumulation motive of households;
  • Their desire to safeguard their consumption of food and other basic needs through income and consumption smoothing.

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By Zeller, M.