Preparation of a Business Plan and Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Credit Bureau in Jordan: Final Report

Studying compatible factors for the establishment of a successful Credit Bureau in Jordan

This report states that surveys undertaken in Jordan indicate that there is both a need for and the elements to create a successful Credit Bureau in that country. According to this document:

  • Businesses have indicated their intention to provide the Credit Bureau with their proprietary information and to use Credit Bureau products and services;
  • The name 'Credit Bureau' has wide recognition amongst the potential user group;
  • Based on a scenario that reflects a reasonable approach to revenues and expenses, the Credit Bureau would be profitable in Year 2;
  • Investment needed to commence a Credit Bureau and reach a point of revenue generation is 572,322 JD (Jordanian Dinar);
  • Five Credit Bureau products could be available to the marketplace in the time span of 11 to 16 months after the commencement of the Credit Bureau;
  • Local expertise, with the assistance of foreign partners or consultants, is sufficient to develop a Credit Bureau system;
  • Credit Bureau as a single entity should be formed with majority ownership vested locally;
  • Value of shares should be enough to finance the start up costs and one year's operation.

About this Publication

By Aziz, J. & Church, B.