The Impact of Development Finance: Where are We and Where are We Going?

Improving the impact of impact assessments
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This document describes an action research program that seeks to build on the priorities, experiences and agendas of a previous impact assessment (IA) and to develop a credible and useful IA. The aim of the program is to empower development finance organizations (DFOs) and:

  • Make them more proactive in developing their own learning systems;
  • Enable informed internal decision making;
  • Satisfy the requirements of external stakeholders, donors;
  • Develop understanding and improve the impact of development finance on poverty.

The paper also describes the ideas shared in a workshop that was held as part of the program. The workshop provided participants with an opportunity to:

  • Share their experiences of IA;
  • Identify themes and issues for the development of a coherent research program;
  • Present new IA methodologies to improve the delivery and impact of microfinance;
  • Contribute to knowledge in the microfinance sector.

This paper draws on the written and oral presentations of workshop participants, as well as other documents to outline:

  • The perspectives of donors and international organizations on IA;
  • Main approaches and experiences of IA of DFOs;
  • Themes identified for this program to consider in the subsequent phases.

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