Summary Report: The Public Debate Following the Green Paper 'Entrepreneurship In Europe'

Identifying the needs of entrepreneurs to enhance entrepreneurship
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This report provides a concise overview of the results of the public debate launched by the Green Paper on Entrepreneurship (the Green Paper). The Green paper invited public consultation on a series of key questions that mainly covered the following topics:

  • How to have more entrepreneurs?
  • How to get more firms to grow?

It asked ten questions that can be categorized under the following three pillars of action:

  • Bringing down barriers to business;
  • Balancing the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship;
  • Building a society that values entrepreneurship.

Respondents at the public consultation identified challenges in the following policy areas and provided suggestions to proceed more effectively:

  • Areas where work needs to continue:
    • Administration and regulation;
    • Access to finance;
    • Support and training services;
    • Innovation;
    • Facilitating transfer of business;
    • Entrepreneurship education.
  • Areas where more work is needed:
    • Social protection for entrepreneurs;
    • Public procurement;
    • State aids;
    • Taxation;
    • Labor law complexity and inflexibility;
    • Regional dimension.

The respondents suggested the consideration of:

  • The diverse needs of entrepreneurs;
  • Co-ordinated policy making in different areas of activity;
  • Systematic and active dialogue with small and medium enterprises and their representatives;
  • The relevance of existing regulation.

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