Egypt - Executive Regulations Of The Law of The Central Bank, The Banking Sector and Money (Promulgated by Law No. 88 of the Year 2003)

The official document of the Arab Republic of Eygpt's law on banking sector and money.
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This document, on financial sector regulations in Egypt, is organized into five parts.

The first part concerns the Central Bank and has provisions relating to:

  • Method of operation of the coordinating council formed by decree of the President of the Republic to set monetary policy targets;
  • Recording and following up of external debt;
  • Guarantee of the Central Bank for financing and credit facilities.

The second part of the document pertains to regulation of the banking sector and has provisions on:

  • Establishment and registration of banks;
  • Rules of owning shares in banks' capital;
  • Banks' control systems for collecting credit data and statistics.

The others parts of the document concern:

  • Public sector banks;
  • Notarization fee on settlement reports;
  • Regulation of foreign exchange transactions.

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