WSBI Access to Finance Resolution

What does the World Savings Bank Institute's resolution for financial sector development state?
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This document is a resolution that was endorsed by the general assembly of the World Savings Bank Institute (WSBI) on the occasion of its 11th Annual General Assembly and the Access to Finance Conference organized in association with the World Bank.

The resolution states that the members of the World Savings Banks Institute:

  • Emphasize that access to finance is a prerequisite for employment, economic growth, poverty reduction and social cohesion;
  • Underline the importance of mobilizing savings for reinvestment in the economy in the form of credits allowing investments such as the expansion of SMEs and micro enterprises;
  • Point out that better access to finance leads to higher levels of GDP per capita;
  • Are convinced that financial sector development should be put high on the agenda of policymakers in the coming years;
  • Are committed to improving access to financial services and strive for socially responsible banking to become more accepted.

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