Lessons from Deploying the Remote Transaction System with Three Microfinance Institutions in Uganda

What is necessary for the development and implementation of delivery channel systems?
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This report aims to draw instructive lessons from the implementation and roll out process for the Remote Transaction System (RTS) with three microfinance institutions in Uganda.It describes the complexities in piloting the RTS and recommends measures that other technology innovators and their partners could adopt when implementing new technology in the development context.

The report states that the deployment of RTS represented the convergence of technical expertise, business experience and sponsorship on an impressive level that is not always witnessed in microfinance initiatives.It recommends that:

  • Technology innovators must work with local organizations to design and introduce technology that is consistent with the latter's capacity for change;
  • A more effective means of confirming clients' cash deposits with banks is required to pave the way for the RTS;
  • A series of training sessions should be conducted to educate end-users on using the piloted technology.

About this Publication

By Kam, M. & Tran, T.