The Microfinance and Self-employment Environment for the Socially Excluded: Country Report Spain

What lessons can countries learn from Spain's experience with microfinance and self-employment?
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This country report for Spain on "The microfinance and self-employment environment for the socially excluded" presents the following findings:

  • Unemployment is the biggest category under people at risk;
  • Social exclusion is a gender problem;
  • There are large regional differences in Spain in relation to poverty;
  • Immigration into the country is a new phenomenon for Spain;
  • There are an increasing number of young people under the homeless category.

The report examines the following aspects of microfinance in Spain:

  • The entrepreneurial context;
  • Policy for micro-enterprises;
  • The "welfare bridge";
  • Legal framework for microfinance providers;
  • Financial bridge for the socially excluded;
  • Funding for microcredit providers.

The report states that the environment in Spain for microfinance and self-employment has improved in terms of culture, policy, organizations and institutions. It concludes by presenting the following lessons that other European countries can learn from Spain:

  • Bridging the social, employment and financial systems in such a way that there is a "one-stop-shop" for those wanting to be self-employed.
  • An integrated approach to self employment and microfinance for the socially excluded in terms of the policy and legal framework.

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By Siewertsen, H., Evers, J., Forster, S. & Inge