The Microfinance Sector in Central African Republic

How does UNDP intend to promote microfinance in the Central African Republic?
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This presentation provides an overview of the microfinance sector in the Central African Republic (CAR). It analyzes:

  • Formal, semi-formal and informal financial sectors in the CAR;
  • Constraints to access to the banking sector;
  • Demand and supply for microfinance services in CAR.

The presentation highlights that:

  • There is a lack of human and financial resources for the potential concurrent microfinance institutions (MFIs);
  • MFIs ignore new regulations;
  • Microfinance services provided by non-government organizations (NGOs) are accessories to other activities such as capacity building, AIDS sensitization, and agricultural development;
  • There is no national strategy to develop the microfinance sector in a sustainable manner;
  • CAR's Microfinance Unit does not have a clear institutional position within the Ministry of Finance.

The presentation concludes with the logical framework for UNDP program for microfinance sector in CAR. The objectives of which include:

  • Reinforcement of governmental bodies in charge of coordination, follow-up and control of microfinance activities;
  • Strengthening of MFIs to offer financial services to the unbanked population;
  • Elaboration of National Support Program for Microfinance.

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